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Supernova 2: Spacewar


Control a space empire and its powerful fleet.

Resources macro-management and detailed turn based wargame battles to create one of the most complete, yet fun to play, strategy sci-fi games!

Last update introduces real-time management mode, for a faster style of play, and skirmish mode where you'll have only to concentrate on building your ship and not worry about resource management.

Awarded as one of the top5 simulation games of the year by Gametunnel, they say:

"Combat in the game has some interesting touches. Not only do you need to focus on the arrangement of your ships versus the enemy (shots fired at the side or back of a ship are much more effective than those at the front), but you need to monitor your fuel (you need it to move AND to turn your ships) and track the recharge time necessary for all of your available ship weapons. Battles also can get pretty large, with dozens of ships to a side involved in the fracas.

It’s a very satisfying experience to hand-craft the ultimate in butt-kicking, unstoppable space armada and then take it out to destroy enemy alien hordes."


Game Screenshots

supernova 2 main menu supernova 2 options screen
main menu options and load / save screen
supernova 2 galaxy map supernova 2 resources screen
galaxy map, preparing an attack checking empire resources
choosing your faction new game setup
selecting a faction choosing options for new game
technology screen building a new fleet
technology screen view building up your army
enemy attacking supernova battle scene
our ship is under attack! battlefield view