elimination game download

Turn based war game


Elimination is a classic turn based wargame. Entirely controlled by mouse, features an easy to learn interface, a deep gameplay and great replayability.

You either pick a faction and try the Campaign or select one of the 15 maps and play in the Quick Battle mode.

Campaign will let you challenge your skills at Elimination by playing three of five campaign maps each. You'll control Dark Brigade, Green Wings and Tech Empire. Each faction has some unique units, and those maps have special victory conditions (some are by turn number, by conquering a region, and so on) and also special events (reinforcements, resources bonus, etc). We recommend that you first try the Quick Battle mode to learn how to play before trying the Campaign since the difficulty there is much higher.

Strategy and resources are very important in Elimination. Pick carefully who you attack, check their defenses and their units. During the deployment phase, buy new units or powerful cards that will let you turn the tide of the battle.

Elimination is easy to play, but hard to master.




Game Screenshots

elimination main menu elimination dark brigade campaign
main menu map briefing in campaign
elimination campaign selection elimination tech empire campaign
select your faction map briefing for Tech Empire
elimination battle map elimination quickbattle selection
battle screen battle selection
elimination battle elimination battle
deployment turn you're victorious!