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Visual Novel / Poker Game

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Card Sweethearts is a dating sim game with a twist. Billy is an IT worker who suddenly finds himself out of a job. The only person willing to hire him is a shady private investigator with a tight wallet and a fondness for poker.

Step into Billy's shoes as you investigate sexy ladies, play poker with people all across town, and rub elbows with the rich and famous. And with women this beautiful, money isn't the only thing you'll be playing for! Win a woman's affection, and you'll be treated to a game of strip poker.

Card Sweethearts is a story-driven poker game with a dry sense of humor and beautiful artwork.

Please Note


The game contains mild language and has sexual themes.

This game is intended for players age 14 and up.



Game Screenshots

Card Sweethearts main menu jade sexy secretary
Are you ready to play poker? One day, you're fired by Jade, the beautiful personnel manager...
two is better than one sarah cute girl
... and your only hope is to work for a shady private detective, Victor... ...your first case will be Miko, a gorgeous oriental girl running a cafe downtown...
isaias the gang leader Carla & Dino
... but be sure not to make her boyfriend angry! More cases will involve people from all kind of places...
sarah blushes jules my love
... if you keep playing poker well you might be invited to LA by a famous popstar singer... ... and take place in a big tournament!
pleasing the popstar the big tree
Meet sexy, fascinating characters... ... and women with strong personality